Cutie Spa Treatments

Kids and young adults are constantly bombarded with images of how society thinks they should look, act and feel. Life is difficult enough for young people without having to worry about a unhealthy hair, unkept hair, unmanageable hair, dirty and grown out fingers and toe nails, cracked and dry heels, breakout of acne or dry skin or just feeling tired and stressed-out.

For the love of the kids, we are not only here to offer beauty services, we are also here to help young people increase Self-esteem, confidence, motivation, overall health by educating them about the benefits identifying who they are and how to better the way the look and feel.

To help introduce our young cuties to all the benefits of proper grooming and skincare, IHB Salon n Spa is pleased to offer the following Salon Services, Spa Treatments and Spa Packages specifically designed for kids only (ages 4-15).


IHB Cutie Massage

Back & Neck / Foot Massage – 20mins | R100

Full Body / Back & Neck / Foot Massage -30mins | R180

Full Body / Back & Neck / Foot Massage-45mins | R250

IHB Cutie Facial

Fruit Facial | 25mins | R150
Future Facial | 35mins | R200
Teen Targeted Facial | 45mins | R250

IHB Cutie Manicure
Ready to summer. Close up of mother with daughters with colorful fingernails enjoying summer

Splish Splash Manicure | 15mins | R100
Sea Fairy Manicure | 20mins | R120
Royal Cutie Manicure | 30mins | R140

IHB Cutie Pedicure

Splish Splash Pedicure | 15mins | R100
Twinkle Toes Pedicure | 25mins | R120
Royal Cutie Pedicure | 35mins | R150

Please note we have a Cancellation Policy:

  • A 50% Deposit is required within 48Hrs of receiving invoice to reserve date and time.
  • No show, 100% of services will be charged
  • Late arrival will result in a reduction in treatment time while the full treatment price will apply.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any other information.

We look forward to welcoming you into our spa.