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Whether your stubborn fat pockets appear as belly fat, bingo wings, love handles or a post-pregnancy tummy, our simple yet effective treatments can deal with these areas of unwanted fat and sagging skin all across the body.

We offer several different body contouring procedures that address these concerns head-on to help you to achieve your ultimate body sculpting goals.

Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting describes a range of treatments that destroy fat cells while building muscles and tightening skin. They are designed to reshape and redefine your body using a range of FDA-approved technologies, which freeze and destroy fat cells, tighten skin tissues and contract muscles to strengthen and tone them.
We offer a complete range of ultrasound cavitation, wood therapy, G5, radio frequency, fat freezing and EMS procedures to reduce fat, firm skin and increase muscle size. Our expert estheticians can develop an individual treatment plan that targets areas of the body that you want to work on most after having a detailed consultation with you. We will then put together the plan using our combines signature treatment technologies, to reflect your specific body sculpting needs.
Each of our body sculpting treatments work in slightly different ways. However, every treatment that we offer is non-invasive, involving no surgery, pain, needles, exercise or downtime. How many sessions will i need? Each client will need a minimum of 6-12 session for best results. How do i maintain my results? In order to maintain your results, you would need to keep living a healthy lifestyle, follow a correct eating plan and continue with exercise.. Downtime? - No downtime.
Duration 120mins | R1200 *Area Specific* - Price per area
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